Customer Acquisition

This post summarizes the discussion at the Jan 3rd, 2013 meetup of Jeremy Horn‘s Product Group.

Topics discussed: Customer Acquisition, general Product Management
Featured Product: Weight Watchers

Andres Glusman awarded “Product Person of the Year 2012”

  • Change brought to
  • Change the Attitude to failure – “we don’t know the truth” about this new problem, failure is the most likely outcome.
  • Experiments to determine if you are close to what is required.
  • Eg – thoroughly test a core flow. Mock-ups  usability tests, prototypes – 4 tests per week. 600 per year.. Use results to guide development.
  • Meetup uses RSVPs as a key metric for measuring success.
  • Meetup “builds for everyone” – This is exceedingly hard.
  • Key demographic they are getting traction in at this point – moms.”Most meetups happen in living rooms, not boardrooms”


Customer Acquisition strategies

  • Offer useful Tools, resources and webinars – some free.
  • Getting and converting leads – Capture and analyze related data – Best day, and month etc…
  • In this particular instance this analysis was conducted by a custom app. Salesforce implementation did not succeed in this regard.
  • Gamifying the site – game company. Still analyzing impact.
  • Frank Robinson, Eric Ries & Fred Wilson. – Product Management thought leaders
  • Triggers and alerts, and notifications to make social.
  • Start off with small Small samples for different channels. Invest in what works.
  • Highest driver was being in blogs (not necessarily Techcrunch)
  • Find out influences are and get them to tweet, and blog etc.. YouTube influencers work.
  • Klout works for some companies for determining influencers
  • Email works for some companies for customer acquisition.
  • Quality of acquisitions important i.e. engagement of acquired customers.
  • Being on top of app store huge boost.
  • Enterprise sales – mock ups get feedback. use Beta release and Usage numbers to gauge participation and course correct.


Good reading:

  1. To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others – by Dan pink. Book on the nature of sales today.
  2. Predictable Revenue – by Aaron Ross & Marylou Tyler. Book on enterprise sales through Salesforce.